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So how to make electrolyte adjustment for HHO generation?

For electrolysis to take place, the cell need to be filled with electrolyte.

This next step is to prepare the solution that will function as electrolyte.

We use distilled water mixed as solvent with KOH as solute (common name for Potassium Hydroxide).

It is important to use distilled water, because tap water contain unwanted materials that stay on the plates and reduce efficiency.

Potassium Hydroxide a.k.a. KOH is a “strong base”. This mean you need to be very careful and not let this material to touch skin and eyes. If some got on you accidentally, wash it off right away with a lot of water. Use Vinegar to offset the effect on your skin in a bad case. Work with gloves and goggles to prevent this.

Adjustment process:

Start with filling the filter with distilled water up to the marked line. Insert the cup into the body, but don’t twist it. Connect in series an Ampere-meter and your cars battery to the bolts in the cup. Check the ampere-meter for close to zero current(this is done to check that the water is really distilled). Than using a small measuring cup, add an amount equals to one flat teaspoon. Mix well, return the cup and repeat the current measuring process. Check the ampere-meter and if the current is less than 6 AMPERE add little more KOH to the water. Measure the general amount you added to the water and write it down. You will need this amount for refilling the cell. The value is unique to the cell you built and your car’s battery.

The reason to use car’s battery instead of generic 12Volt power source is the fact that different cars contain different capacity batteries. You need to make electrolyte adjustment specially for your car.

Finally spill the electrolyte to container for later use and advance to the next stage.

Electrolyte adjustment for HHO

Part name

Quanti ty

Where to get


Body with bubbler


Make it yourself

Cup with air inlet


Make it yourself

Distilled water

2 liter

Fuel station

KOH(Potassium Hydroxide)


Your car’s battery


Inside your car :)




Multi-meter recommended



Tool King

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