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Idea behind the HHO Generator

Water - Two thirds Hydrogen and one third Oxygen. One liter of water could be split into a mix of 1800 liters of Hydrogen-Oxygen gas.

Studies at MIT laboratories and other independent research institutes shows that a HHO gas enhanced engine can work at ultra lean regime with increased combustion stability, resulting in net efficiency increase of 50% or more and the bonus: more horse-power. Pure science no guesswork.

Best part: No changes to the engine itself is needed, Just the HHO cell.

HHO Generator - The HHO cell complete plans

“The whole concept of hydrogen on demand is based on the idea of feeding small amounts of Hydrogen and Oxygen mix into the engine’s air intake. No changes to the engine itself is required.”

The purpose of this site - Detailed HHO Generator

The purpose of this site is to introduce the hho generator. A device which generates hydrogen / oxygen gas (aka HHO, HHO Gas) from water.

You will learn how to use HHO gas to reduce fuel consumption and pollution and how to properly tune the car to work with those changes.

The site includes complete plans of the hho generator: 3D model of the device, drawing kit of all parts and complete instructions of how to construct the cell and tune the car.

Hho hydrogen generator could be easily created and installed on a car or truck, it improves the attributes of both gasoline and diesel engines.

Actually the HHO generator is “free 120 octane enhancer” to car’s fuel mixture.

Only small amount of hho gas is required to improve the combustion so with the correct electrolysis cell and proper fine tuning to the ignition system the additional load on the alternator is be minimal.

Before we begin: This information is not for everyone, only for open-minded people willing to spend amount of time on trying new things and “demand” from their car top performance that auto companies refuse to supply.

good luck.

                             HHO Generator plans

The first step is to build the hydrogen gas saver.

You’re going to meet the First Aid HHO Cell

from the inside. Comprehensive explanation

about the device and how to build it including

drawings and 3D pictures.

This device produces a lot of hydrogen/oxygen gas on low amperage and even make you save fuel when not connected to power supply!

It is easy to build and contain no expansive parts.

If you ready click to dive into the world of high mileage!

HHO Generator introduction HHO Cell Burns
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Lean burning

Constructing the hho booster is only the first step in the right direction, but without a proper tuning to the car the whole concept is worthless. Tuning the car’s injection system or the carburetor is our next mission.

In order to really start saving fuel we need to make the car to work in ultra-lean regime (less fuel per cycle). This mode is only possible thanks to the hydrogen booster we constructed earlier.

if we just increase the amount of air in the mixture the engine will run hotter, but if we replace some of the air with Hydrogen/Oxygen mixture from the booster the running temperature will actually go down while the engine converting more chemical energy into motion instead of heat...

Proper tuning to the car is as important as the hydrogen device itself.

Lean Burning.

Learn how make your car to work lean

Start HHO generator

HHO cell full plans

We Saved noting to ourselves, Gives you everything you need to know about hho cell. Plans include Mechanical Drawings accurate up to the mm. The Plans include not only the hho generator itself but also how to connect it and fine tune all the details.

Alternative to building hho cell

For people who want to get into hho buisness really fast you can consider to get an hho generator “off the shelf”. This option fits to people don’t want to waste time and want to get hho device of a proven quality.

You can find high quality hho generator here:

These guys sell full hho kit including all the parts.

While my recommendation is to build hho kit for

Yourself , you can get one here really fast.

Get full hho kit from here

hho kit