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Scangauge Review

Quick Scangauge review:

It is possible to know your fuel consumption accurately at any moment or per trip using a digital device called Scangauge II. This device compatible with any car produced after 1996 and has ODB-2 port (98% of all car models). If changes was made to the car you can see immediately how they affect fuel consumption.

For those of you, who wish to improve their driving habits, the Scangauge provide useful information about current MPG and the changes that occur when you accelerate, climb hill or cruise on highway. Use this information to drive effectively, eliminate bed habits, save on gas. After adjusting my city driving habits, my average MPG grow by almost 14 percent. Pretty much money annually, without changing anything in the car.    

The setup is simple: just plug it in, and start the car.

Scangauge isn’t designated only for fuel consumption

measurement and have the ability to present data at

3 different categories:

Trip computer: including maximum speed, average speed,

maximum coolant temperature, maximum RPM, driving Time,

driving distance, fuel used and more.

Digital gauge: Fuel Economy, fuel rate, battery voltage, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, engine Speed (RPM)...

Scan tool: The unit can check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes and if found, can display how many there are and the Trouble Codes themselves. Using the Internet or repair manuals, these can be translated to the failed component and repairs can be made. This function is extremely impotent for people who intend to modify their car in order to improve fuel consumption, preventing damage to car’s components.  

Scangauge review conclusion:

The device was designed with fuel saving in mind and gives perfect solution for individuals who want to trace the changes done to their car or their driving habits.

Very recommended device, get it from here:  

Scangauge review hho

Two ways available to measure consumption: Digital and Manual

Mounted Scangauge 2

To measure car’s fuel consumption in accurate way follow these simple instructions:

Ingredients needed: paper, pen, calculator, money for gas.

1)leave your house and travel to your “favorite” gas station.

2)chose a pump and stick to it during the both times you be filling the gas tank during the measurement process.

3)insert the pump into your car’s tank in such way that you can repeat it exactly next time you will fill gas.(I do it by inserting the pump as deep as I can)

4)adjust the pump to auto fill full tank, the first time it auto-stops pull the pump out and don’t fill no more.

5)pay for the gas and write down the state of the odometer before you start driving.

6)leave the station for a test drive. Drive naturally without unnecessary accelerations. Drive for at least 25 miles

(40 kilometers) - the course is not important.

7)at the end of the test drive return to the same gas station, the same pump and fill a full tank at the exact same way you did it at the first time(until the first auto stop).

8)write down the new odometer and the amount of fuel you filled the second time. Do the math:

New odometer reading - First odometer reading

Amount of Gallons filled the second time

Amount of liters filled the second time

New odometer reading - First odometer reading

Note: if you doing two comparing tests between two methods make an effort to drive the same test track and at the same speeds (as possible)

Measure fuel consumption The Scangauge review 2

Miles per Gallon =

For Europe unit system:

Kilometers per liter =

Scangauge review