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It is known that enough HHO gas can be a power source all by itself. But is it possible to drive a car only on water ? We are quite unsure, but we would like to know the answer. Nowadays, common electrolysis is only about 70% effective. That means that more power is used to split water into HHO gas than the energy which extracted from the gas itself. Moreover, internal combustion engine is only 40% effective and that mean that to successfully power a car with internal combustion engine at least 250% efficient electrolysis is required. Feels like a far dream.

In 1991 a man called Stanley Mayer declared that he developed car that runs on water but from than no one was able to replicate his invention. Stanley himself suddenly Died in 1998 from heart attack. He leaved many records of his invention and even registered a couple of patents on the subject. We want to follow his foot-steps and try to create this dream car.

After learning his plans we decided to build a cell from SSL tubes and a special transformer to witness ourselves the efficiency of the device.

We are now in the construction stage and new information on this project soon will be added. Stay tuned for updates (you can use the our email update gadget below).

Meanwhile check out our progress:   

Full HHO Hydrogen on Demand Generator CAD2 Full HHO Hydrogen on Demand Generator CAD1 Full HHO Hydrogen on Demand Generator Real3 Full HHO Hydrogen on Demand Generator real

This Full Hydrogen on Demand research is our passion and our dream, we not in it for the fame but for the understanding that a better power source is required and the belief that it is possible but kept hidden from public eye.

We promise to publish the details of our work every time some achievement is made.  

Follow the progress of this project at my HHO Blog. All news will be reported, nothing is censored.

You can start and build your own HHO generator and increase fuel economy up to 150%. Start at hydrogen gas saver page.

If you have any feedback, ideas, comments or just something interesting to say don’t keep this it, let me know:

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