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Improve gas Mileage

Driving style effect on your fuel consumption as high as 30%. To improve MPG just follow this simple tips:

Don’t abuse the gas pedal:

As possible avoid fast acceleration. The faster the acceleration, the more fuel is

consumed to reach the same speed. Moderate your acceleration as possible to

save at the pump.

Anticipate stops:

Anticipate stops to avoid sudden braking and to prevent pressing the gas pedal more then needed. Remember that every use of the brakes is a waste of energy.

Reduce weight:

Avoid unneeded things in your car. Extra weight reduce MPG constantly so try

to get rid unnecessary things from your trunk.

Install Scangauge 2:

Install the Scangauge II: a device that let you know your Mileage instantly and to helps to get rid of bad driving habits. It is the only way to know how much increase gained from other improvements.

Avoid long idles:

Avoid too long idles. If you know that waiting will be longer than 1 minute,

shut down the engine. Restarting will consume less.

Cruise at most effective speed:

Save up to 13% if you change your cruise speed from 65 MPH to 55 MPH (105 KM/H to 90 KM/H).

Avoid air conditioner:

Try to use the air conditioner as little as possible. It increases both the

Consumption and load on the engine. If you never use A/C, consider

removing it completely. Not only your cut down weight but also you will

get free space under the hood for other improvements such as hydrogen

Gas saver.

Scangauge 2

Car’s maintenance is EXTREMELY important for good MPG balance, before attempting to install any improvements to save fuel, make sure your car is well maintained:

Maintain your car on regular basis

Get you car tuned up on regular basis. Tune-ups to car and engine improve both gas mileage and performance. Always Follow recommended maintenance schedules.

Read a book about your car

If you want to make the best maintenance by your own, improve

your knowledge by reading a maintenance manual about your car.

Haynes books are good books for any type of car.

Keep tires inflated and well aligned

Tiers are the connection between your car and the road, checking for the right pressure and making alignments once in 30,000 miles (50,000 KM) will improve your gas mileage. Use key chain Digital Tire Gauge and never drive with un-inflated tires again. Now for 7$

Don’t forget to change spark plugs

Without spark the fuel will not ignite, that makes the spark plugs important to proper working of the engine. Change plugs every 25,000 miles or by manufacturer's recommendation. If you experience rough idle, no start, poor acceleration or stalling it may be the time to change spark plugs.  Bosch considered a leader spark plug


Use synthetic oil

Use good synthetic oil it made using advance technics and improve mileage up to 6%. Change oil and Oil filter every 6000 miles (10000 KM) or according to maintenance schedule.

Clean air filter is critical

Don’t forget to check and replace the air filter on regular basis.

Choked filter can reduce mileage by 10% and hurt the engine

on the long run. My suggestion - replace filter every 4000 miles

(about 6000 KM). Change air filter now!

Don’t neglect your oxygen sensor !

The oxygen sensor is the part that provides the ECU information about the exhaust gases and helps to determine the right air / fuel ratio. If the sensor is malfunctioning or just too old, the ECU orders on the wrong mixture(too much full) and fuel economy drops down! Keep oxygen sensor in good shape - change it every 30000 miles. Best prices on Oxygen Sensors.

spark plug synthetic oil Air filter roof-racks

Harness the hydrogen power to save fuel

Build Hydrogen gas saver to increase the efficiency of your engine and to save fuel. When hydrogen is in use the emissions drop almost to zero. Easy to build and install.  

Obey the rules of physics

On high speeds aerodynamics take it’s toll, to really

save fuel on long trips make your car as aerodynamic

as possible using these tips.

Remove unused roof-racks

Empty roof racks reduce MPG on highway up to 15%. Loaded roof racks decrease economy up to 30%. Carry stuff in the car if possible. If your car have OEM roof racks consider to make them impermanent.

Close sunroof on highway

Open sun roof increases aerodynamic drag and decreases MPG.

Remove mud Flaps

Remove mud flaps to increase aerodynamics. Use them only when really needed.

Reduce height as much as possible

Reduce the height of your car as possible.

Lower car means less Aero losses.

Use smooth wheel covers

Use Smooth wheel covers to increase aerodynamics and give your car a cool look. You can buy them or make them yourself.

Minimize 4 WD Use

When using the 4 wheel drive mode, an extra friction is added

and consumption is dropped.

Hydrogen gas saver sunroof mud Flaps

This page is here to present the best ways to improve gas mileage. Read the tips carefully, implement them and see you gas mileage climb.

Oxygen Sensor