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This hho device was planed and designed by me to achieve maximum mileage without overload the car’s battery and heating the cell to dangerous temperature.

The device designed to do two actions:

It uses engine’s vacuum line and air inlet line to produce water vapor and inject it to the cylinders of the engine. Result: up to 16% MPG improvement without powering the cell.

It produces gas composed of 2/3 hydrogen an 1/3 oxygen from a mix of water and electrolyte. This gas (often called HHO gas) is mixed inside the engine with fuel and air and improve combustion. Result: almost 64% overall MPG improvement.

The electrolyte used in this cell is Koh (Potassium hydroxide). It was chosen due to the fact it produces no toxic fumes during electrolysis, unlike baking soda which also leaves coating on the plates and reduce efficiency.

I will guide you step by step how to construct the cell, how to connect it to the car properly, where you can get the materials and so on. The plans include mechanical drawings, 3D pictures and text.

It’s time the world will learn how reduce carbon footprint. We must take steps to reduce dependency on oil and shortcut fuel usage until alternative is found. It is the responsibility of each and everyone of us the car drivers to make the world a better place for us and our children. The ball is in your hands now. The suggested technology saves fuel and reduces emission gases almost to zero and it is given you for free. Use it.

I currently working to find out were you can buy part online, will be added shortly.

Before starting take a test drive on your car and measure your MPG, after finishing Email me the car details, results and notes.

Read all the document before start building.

Before you start please read safety instructions and disclaimer carefully.

I'm ready - Take me in. I'm ready - Take me in.