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To install the hydrogen first aid cell in the car, you need to find an empty space under the hood. A common place is in front of the radiator. Avoid hot places as possible (too close to the engine for example) Once you found the place connect the cell to the surroundings to keep it in place. Do not connect to moving parts or to the radiator itself, use other parts instead.

Find a vacuum line going from the engine to one of the cars system. You will use this line as one of the two inputs to the engine from the cell.

The second input will be through the air intake of the engine. Drill small hole (7 mm or 1/4”) and insert the threaded end of the barbed pipe to tube adapter 1/4”. To keep the adapter in place use silicone. Do it as close to the engine as possible.

Connect a male pipe 1/4” tee tube ID 3/8” to the bubbler splitting the output to two tubes. One line goes to the air intake and the other to connects to the existing vacuum line you found earlier, cut the line and use a 1/4” tube ID tee (or other if the existing line is other size) to connect the second input to the engine.

The length of the tube from the cell to the vacuum line connection should be at least 500 mm (20”) for safety reasons.

On high RPM the air intake will suck gas from the cell. On low RPM the vacuum line will do the job.

Once you completed the connections it’s time to adjust the air intake of the cell.

Fill back the electrolyte to the cell and distilled water in the bubbler. Turn the air valve to close it completely. Start the engine. The vacuum line is creating pressure in the cell and tries to suck the gas.

Open the air valve until you see a small amount of bubbles coming out in the bubbler. Leave the valve in the current position.

You now ready to connect electric current to the cell.

Part name

Quanti ty

Where to get


Hydrogen first aid cell


Make it yourself

Barbed pipe to tube adapter 1/4”


Male pipe 1/4” tee to tube ID 3/8”


Tee tube ID 1/4”


Size may vary according to your existing vacuum line

Tube ID 1/4” OD 3/8” length 800 mm (31.5”)

Length may vary according to cell position in car.

Worm drive clamp width 5/16”, ID range 7/32”-5/8”






Tool King

1/4” or 7 mm drill bit


Tool King